Company Presentation

KAARITAIVUTUS Kumpula Oy is specialised in the production of structural curved shapes, such as bridges and spiral staircase designs. Experience is gained since 1998.

Our production is in producing Finland's biggest curved beams as cold bending, plane curves or solid geometry curves. The material used for shaping is regular ISO-standard plane curves or trimmed pipe profiles. HEA, HEB, IPE, UNP or other equivalents. The curves can be also be made in stainless steel, aluminium or other malleable material. The company produces curved construction structures for the domestic and international markets. We also produce further refined curved components to other steel constructor's requirements.

We offer our own research findings and know how for our customers use. We operate according to the contract and produce flawless products the first time.

We are looking to expand our marketing to approved countries without prejudice, to create co-operation in different directions.